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Our board relies on the expertise and participation of our members. Our committees ensure that association programs and services meet the needs of the membership.

Lend your skill and experience for the betterment of our association and industry. Please consider joining us and becoming a part of our new association's future! 




Advocacy & Communications:

Meets 1st Wednesday of every month,


Develops and implements programs that promote the profession of the Realtor® to the public; highlighting the value that Realtors® bring to the real estate transaction and homeownership rights. Programs include a Homeownership Fair expo event in June.





  Community Service:

Meets 2nd Monday of every month,


Identify and coordinate initiatives and projects that work towards the betterment of our communities. Events include charitable and good will causes.




  Equal Opportunity/Cultural Diversity:

Meets 1st Monday of every month,


Works to increase awareness and appreciation of the multicultural diversity of our community as well as eliminating discriminatory practices in housing.






Global Business Council:

Meets 1st Monday of every month,


Dedicated to globally themed education, programming, and networking. Works to build awareness of the global business opportunities.




  Government & Legislative Affairs:

Meets 1st Friday of every month,


Identifies and raises awareness of proposed legislation or local ordinances that affect real property rights or threats to our profession.






Meetings as requested                                     

Responsible for reviewing Ethics Complaints and Arbitration Requests determining if a complaint warrants a hearing before a Professional Standards Panel. *Prepares members for Professional Standards Committee.*




  MLS Users:

Meets 2nd Tuesday of every month,


Reviews all aspects of the NJMLS from the user's perspective and provides feedback and recommendations for changes and improvements to the system.





Professional Development:

Meets 2nd Monday of every month,


Develops and recommends educational programming, speakers, and events to enhance the professional development of our members.





REALTORS® Political Action (RPAC):

Meets 1st Friday of every month,


Raises awareness of the importance of the Realtors® Political Action Committee. Creates fund raising events and develops initiatives to increase members voluntary contributions to RPAC.





Young Professionals Network (YPN):

Meets 1st Wednesday of every month,


Provides an opportunity for young-at-heart real estate professionals to enhance their career via networking, education, and community service. Helps to identify and develop future leadership within our association. Open to members of all ages.

*If you are interested in the Professional Standards Committee, please contact [email protected]*

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