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Citation, Ethics, Mediation & Arbitration

Every REALTOR takes an oath pledging to uphold the Code of Ethics of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS (NAR) upon joining Greater Bergen REALTORS.  The Greater Bergen REALTORS administers the Code of Ethics process for its REALTOR members.  Greater Bergen REALTORS members subscribe to the REALTOR Code of Ethics as a condition of membership and agree to uphold the Code of Ethics in their dealings with clients, customers, and other REALTORS. 

The information and links on this page pertain to the enforcement of the REALTOR Code of Ethics, including; ethics complainants and violations, the discipline of Members, and the mediation and arbitration of disputes as defined in Article 17 of the REALTOR Code of Ethics.

Ethics, Ethics Citation, Arbitration and Mediation


Any person having a reason to believe that a member is guilty of any unethical conduct subject to disciplinary action may file an Ethics Complaint with the Greater Bergen REALTORS.

Ethics Citation

Greater Bergen REALTORS helps consumers and Realtor members with disputes. 

A REALTOR or member of the public can file a complaint in a customary manner. 

If the Citation Panel decides that the Articles cited in the complaint make the case eligible for the Citation System, the respondent will be notified and given twenty (20) days to elect to participate in the Citation System or request an ethics hearing. 

If the respondent agrees to the Citation System, they will pay the designated fine associated with that Article. 

View Citation Policy Booklet.  

Arbitration and Mediation

Arbitration can be filed by Broker to Broker ONLY. In the event of commission disputes between REALTORS associated with different firms, REALTORS shall submit the dispute to arbitration rather than litigate the matter pursuant to Article 17 of the REALTORS Code of Ethics.  They can also submit the matter to Mediation.  Mediation is a voluntary and private process in which a neutral party helps individuals resolve arbitrational disputes.  If the matter is not resolved through Mediation, the parties can proceed to Arbitration. 

Mediation Documents: 

Arbitration Documents: 

Guide to Procuring Cause:

*For more information on procuring cause visit 

Feel free to contact Professional Standards Administrators Lori Palladino ([email protected]; (201)244-7000 x 409) or Adriana Garcia ([email protected]; (201)244-7000 x 404) with any questions or concerns. 


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